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If You Are Searching For Award Winning Salsa Recipes, You Can’t Afford To Miss This…

Winner of 18 National Food Awards Reveals Mouthwatering Salsa Recipes That Will Make You the Envy of All of Your Friends…

Just image the gasps of amazement from family and friends when they taste these delicious salsa recipes and best of all you can make these secret recipes within just a few short minutes.

So let the salsa experience begin.

Making a great salsa is both an art and a skill! The secret is knowing what ingredients are needed and how to mix those ingredients to make a great tasting salsa. A salsa that will make your taste buds dance with pleasure.  But if you don’t know what to do, you’ll be stuck making boring tasting salsa forever.

Award Winning PhotoMy name is Andy LaPointe and I know salsa. My company won 18 national food awards including 11 Scovie Awards. We were also voted the #1 salsa in America not once, not twice but three times at America's Best National Food Show.

The Scovie Awards is an annual competition that recognizes the top fiery foods products in the world. It is one of the most competitive blind tasted food competitions around. Each year over 800 products are entered and go through rigorous tastings to receive the top honors.

America's Best National Food Show is the largest overall food show competition in the nation. All in all, our fruit and gourmet salsas won a total of 6 top prizes at America’s Best National Food Show.

Check out the above photo of me with one of the awards we won.

Check out all of the awards we won:

Here are Just Some of the Awards We Have Won Over the Past Few Years:

Scovie Awards

Salsa - Fruit Category:
1st Place, Salsa,Fruit, for Traverse Bay Farms Pineapple Salsa
2nd Place, Salsa,Fruit, for Traverse Bay Farms Red Raspberry Salsa
3rd Place, Salsa,Fruit, for Traverse Bay Farms Peach Salsa

Salsa -Unique Category:
1st Place, Salsa,Unique, for Traverse Bay Farms Corn Salsa
2nd Place, Salsa,Unique, for Traverse Bay Farms Black Bean Salsa

BBQ Sauce – Fruit Category:
1st Place,Barbecue Sauce,Fruit-Based, for Traverse Bay Farms Red Raspberry BBQ Sauce
2nd Place,Barbecue Sauce,Fruit-Based , for Traverse Bay Farms Apple BBQ Sauce

Unique Mustard Category:
3rd Place, Unique Mustard for Traverse Bay Farms Sweet Jalapeno Mustard


America's Best National Food Competition Awards

Salsa General – All Category:

1st PLACE:
 Traverse Bay Farms – Peach Salsa
2nd PLACE: Traverse Bay Farms – Corn Salsa

Salsa – Fruit Category:
1st PLACE:
Traverse Bay Farms – Pineapple Salsa
3rd PLACE: Traverse Bay Farms – Raspberry Salsa
3rd PLACE: Traverse Bay Farms – Peach Salsa

 Salsa – Bean Category:
1st PLACE: Traverse Bay Farms – Bean Salsa

In addition to winning national awards, we have a number of salsa loving fans including Food Network Celebrity Chef, Michelle Bommarito.

Here is what Michelle Bommarito said about our award winning salsa’s…

Michelle Bommarito Food Network Celebrity Chef

Michelle Bommarito Loves our Award Winning Salsas!

"I was so excited to discover your salsa! It's not only great tasting, but full of quality, all-natural ingredients."

Chef Michelle Bommarito, a frequent guest on the Food Network

Check out some of the Hollywood elite with our award winning salsas:

Chelsea Hightower
Kiowa Gordon- Twilight Saga Vincent De Paul -
Mad Men
Chelsea Hightower- Dancing with the Stars - Enjoying our salsa

Here are more actual testimonials from fellow salsa lovers about our award winning salsas...more proof that we know what it takes to make a good salsa...

Customer Testimonials About Our Award Winning Salsa
Quick Overview of Our Scovie Awards

Check This Out...

I’ve put together over four dozen star-studded mouthwatering salsa recipes you’ll be able to make right in your own kitchen. These are the same recipes Hollywood celebrities have enjoyed. When you learn how to make the salsa recipes in my book you’ll find yourself quickly and easily making the best salsa you’ve ever tasted.

You'll be known as the Go-To Salsa person when your friends, family and co-workers want to enjoy some great tasting salsa. Now, isn't that what you want?

You’ll learn all of the tips, ingredients and skills how to methodically mix the ingredients of each recipe together to make delicious salsa that will have everyone coming back for more. You’ll learn how to make salsas that are full of flavor – the perfect combination of taste, heat and flavor. Now that is SALSA-LICIOUS!  

No Tasteless Salsa Recipes Allowed.

The majority of salsa recipes should be in jail. I’m not kidding. It is a crime to serve tasteless salsa. WhatSecret Salsa Recipes Revealed makes each of the recipes included in the Secret Salsa Recipes Revealed so special? What makes these salsa recipes so unique is you’ll be amazed at how you’ll be able to taste each individual ingredient in every recipe. This is the secret to award winning salsa recipes.

The recipes I’ve included will make your taste buds explode with pleasure. With every bite, you’ll be able to taste the onions, the tomatoes, the garlic and the peppers. You’ll be able to taste everything…isn’t that how a salsa sound be?

You see, we approach the creation of salsa completely different that most. First, we start with the main ingredient and then wrap the other ingredients around it.

Let me explain, for example with our awarding winning black bean salsa, we start with the black beans and then wrap the other ingredients around the taste of the black bean. So when you bite into our Traverse Bay Farms Black Bean Salsa you’ll taste the black beans and then all of the other ingredients compliment the main ingredient.

This is completely different than other salsa companies. Most salsas are simply a mix of different ingredients, haphazardly thrown together and hopefully the end results will taste good.

You’ll receive over four dozen mouthwatering salsa recipes when you order Secret Salsa Recipes Revealed From America’s #1 Award Winning Salsa Company.

Here are only a few of the recipes you’ll receive:

  • Original Mexican Salsa Recipe
  • Black Bean Salsa Recipe
  • Fresh Tomato Salsa Recipe
  • Habanero Salsa
  • Salsa De Picante Recipe
  • Hot Salsa
  • Chipotle Salsa
  • Spicy Bean Salsa
  • Roasted Tomato Salsa
  • Garlic Salsa
  • Simple Texas Salsa
  • Spicy Salsa
  • And More...

In addition to receiving Salsa Secret Recipes From America’s #1 Award Winning Salsa Company, you’ll also receive two additional bonuses with your purchase.

Bonus #1:Fruit Salsa Recipes

The Fruit Salsa Recipe Cookbook:

The fruit recipes contained in this special fruit salsa cookbook are from my very own private recipe collection. These are the best fruit salsa recipes available and I've combined them all into one place for you to use. This cookbook alone is packed with over two dozen fruit-based salsa recipes. Each is ideally suited to be enjoyed a number of ways. You won't find anything else like it anywhere.

Bonus #2:

Quickn Easy Salsa IdeasQuick-n-Easy Salsa Ideas:

Quick and easy ways to spice up any meal. You’ll learn simple ways to enjoy salsa with every meal of the day. You’ll learn great tasting recipes like red raspberry salsa meatloaf, peach chicken and cherry salsa meatballs.

After a few minutes reading the recipes ideas in this special bonus, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.


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